Pervious Concrete III

 GRTA Park & Ride Newnan, Georgia November 2010

GRTA Park & Ride
Newnan, Georgia
November 2010

The Georgia Regional Transit Authority commuter park and ride facility in Newnan, GA chose pervious concrete as an eco-friendly material to help manage storm-water issues on their large parking lot site.  To provide early stability and additional toughness to the pervious matrix, consultant Dale Fisher specified a synthetic fiber reinforcement that would not rust or break down over time.  In keeping with the green building theme, Walker Concrete supplied FORTA® Green-Net ® fiber as reinforcement.  

The fiber pervious concrete was used in over 30,000 square feet of car-parking lot and has performed well in this high traffic facility that services Newnan to downtown Atlanta. This popular Route # 450 cycles 13 times daily, and is part of the State of Georgia authority’s effort to improve regional mobility, air quality, and land use practices.  The GRTA mission is to reduce ozone and particulate matter levels in the air to help metro counties meet local air quality standards and sustainability requirements.

Project Details:
Application: Pervious Parking Lot
Owner: Georgia Regional Transit Authority (GRTA)
Location: Newnan, GA
Pervious Concrete Consultant: Dale Fisher
Ready-Mix Supplier: Walker Concrete LLC, Stockbridge, GA
Concrete Contractor: Curb Specialists Inc., Conyers, GA
Fiber Reinforcement: FORTA® Green-Net ®, 1 1/2″ length, 1.5 lbs per cubic yard
Volume: 560 cubic yard of fiber reinforced pervious concrete
Dimensions: 6″ thick, approximately 30,000 square feet

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