The Rise of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Overlays

The Situation Drivers are well aware of the declining condition of the streets, highways, parking lots, and pavements in the United States. Taxpayers are also painfully aware of the limited transportation funds available to correct these deteriorated pavements. Totally new pavements are usually not possible or affordable in today’s transportation climate. Therefore, rehabilitation of existing […]

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Thank you for “40 Years of Fiber”

FORTA announces the retirement of Daniel Biddle FORTA would like to announce the retirement of Daniel Biddle, Vice President of Sales. Dan has been a staple in not only the concrete industry, but also our hearts for the past 40 years. His impact on the use of fiber reinforcement in the industry is legendary and […]

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Dan in the Wild

FORTA Reinforces Permeable Concrete Vessels

This research project, which first began in 2017, aims to clean and preserve local water reservoirs. For example, in some shallow waterways nitrogen and phosphorus can leach into the reservoirs resulting in an annual bloom of toxic algae.  An Ohio State University research team aims to combat this algae bloom by creating Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) […]

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Permeable Concrete Vessels

FORTA’s 4-C’s of Fiber Formula (say that 10 times fast)

 The 4 C’s of fibers – Configuration, Chemistry, Contents, and Correct length  Configuration The most important criterion is the fiber configuration. Common sense would suggest that something deformed or irregular in shape will anchor much better than something straight and smooth. A thin, smooth finishing nail doesn’t hold like a heavy lag bolt. For the […]

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