How can FORTA help your next project?

More durable and crack resistant pavement with excellent freeze/thaw resistance, superior crack control, and reduced surface raveling & abrasion.
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Laboratory research and real-world projects have shown that synthetic fibers improve the overall toughness and durability of pervious concrete pavements.
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FORTA-FERRO has replaced wire mesh in precast products such as septic tanks, decorative sculptures, and burial vaults for years.
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Used in a wide variety of air-placed shotcrete concrete projects as a valuable performance-rated reinforcement that is extremely easy to add, mix, and place.
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Replacing conventional temperature steel in scores of successful flatwork project applications for decades.
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With the applied U/L Certification, FORTA‘s monofilament fibers and fibrillated fibers are approved for use in decks as an alternate to welded wire fabric.
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