Pervious Concrete has been used in many countries for many years, and is now becoming more than just an oddity in the United States. The driving force behind this surge in pervious application is a growing need to take full advantage of shrinking building sites, and to accommodate storm-water runoff in the process. Essential to the air-void nature of pervious, or porous concrete, is the potential for a lack of durability and toughness, which often impacts application choices and project volume.

Pervious materials experts have sought out ways to improve the materials durability in order to add to its long list of benefits for the owners and architects to specify it. Laboratory research and real-world projects have shown that synthetic fibers can answer these sought-after durability goals, by reducing surface raveling and abrasion, increasing the freeze/thaw resistance, and improving the overall toughness of pervious concrete pavements. As an integral, non-corrosive, three-dimensional reinforcement method, synthetic fibers represent the best opportunity to enhance the performance of pervious concrete and allow its use with confidence in future applications.

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