Thank you for “40 Years of Fiber”

FORTA announces the retirement of Daniel Biddle

FORTA would like to announce the retirement of Daniel Biddle, Vice President of Sales. Dan has been a staple in not only the concrete industry, but also our hearts for the past 40 years. His impact on the use of fiber reinforcement in the industry is legendary and his presence will be sorely missed.

The Man…

Dan started his career as the first salesman of synthetic fiber for concrete not only for FORTA, but for the Unites States. In the Fall of 1979, he was hired by Rodger Lindh, FORTA Founder. Selling an unknown product to a huge construction industry had its challenges. Dan kept faith in the products and made it his life’s mission to reinforce the future of concrete.

The Myth…

Dan has been on more job sites and testing facilities than we can count. His involvement in the dozens of organizations, associations, and committees over the years introduced fiber reinforcement to standard-setting industry experts. Undoubtedly, his determination in bringing fibers to the forefront has changed the face of concrete for all future generations.

Above all, Dan attributes his personal success to his family, and his professional success to Rodger Lindh, a man he views as the father of synthetic fiber reinforcement. Rodger Lindh, Chairman and Founder of FORTA states,

Dan’s commitment to FORTA, and to his sales team, was always unparalleled. His drive to make FORTA an industry leader was ever present, and he accomplished just that with his passion for the products, his relationships within the industry, and his unwavering loyalty to FORTA through thick and thin. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Dan’s vision and contributions. I can’t express how much he will be missed!

The Legend…

Dan’s dedication is apparent and although his title currently reads Vice President of Sales, he is truly an Ambassador of Fiber to us.  Dan will be irreplaceable in our daily lives and to the industry he loves.  Had it not been for his dedication and hard work, the fiber reinforcement would not be what it is today.

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