Pervious Concrete IV

 Pervious Concrete IV

Auburn University Fisheries Building Parking
Auburn, Alabama

Dr. Michael Hein from Auburn University and and his structure class students completed a pervious parking lot in 2011.  The parking lot is located at the Auburn University Fisheries Building in Auburn, Alabama. Hydro Max Internal Curing Admixture and FORTA FERRO-GREEN® was added at the slump rack.  The AU Engineering students were the pervious concrete place and finish crew.  Though micro fibers have been used frequently in the past for pervious pavement applications, FORTA® continues to promote and research the use of synthetic macro fibers to add toughness and durability to medium and heavy-duty pervious pavements.  Even at high fiber dosages, the FERRO-GREEN® macro fiber is very user-friendly during lay-down, and offers no issues regarding placement and finishing.  Though the mix design used on the Auburn University Fisheries Parking Lot offered a few small cement balls during mixing, the FERRO-GREEN® fiber mixed and distributed very uniformly throughout the mix.

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Project Details:
Application: Parking lot
Owner: Auburn University Fisheries Facility Phase 1
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Pervious Concrete Consultant: Dale Fisher
Ready-Mix Supplier: USA Ready Mix
Concrete Contractor: Dr. Michael Hein and students from his structure class
Fiber Reinforcement: FERRO-GREEN® 2.25″ length, 5 lbs per yard
Volume: 20 yards

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