FORTA Introduces New Fiber Delivery Units at World of Concrete 2018

Celebrating its 40th year, FORTA will showcase both new and proven reinforcement fiber solutions at World of Concrete 2018, January 23-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booths N-2313 and O-40739.

FORTA Corporation, a global leader in reinforcement fiber solutions, is looking forward to World of Concrete 2018, and for good reason. The Company will be introducing a new line of fiber delivery equipment, unveiling a new logo mark in celebration of its 40-year anniversary, and hosting special customer and employee appreciation events during the Show. Of great interest to World of Concrete 2018 attendees will be the equipment offerings of the new FORTA® Delivery Systems division. This latest addition to the FORTA® family of companies features a broad range of automated fiber delivery systems that accurately dispense and distribute fiber.


Two fiber dispensing units will be on display at Booth O-40739, providing World of Concrete attendees with the opportunity to observe real-world demonstrations. Technical experts will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the FORTA® Voyager bulk fiber dispenser, and the FORTA® Rover volumetric mobile fiber dispenser. FORTA® will also showcase a range of its proven, high-performance concrete reinforcement fibers at Booth N-2313.

John Lindh, CEO of FORTA, commented, “Now, customers can achieve all of the benefits of our fibers with dispensing units that make the application a highly precise, safer and easier process. These complete solutions allow customers to obtain both the reinforcing fibers and dispensing equipment from one trusted source.” According to Lindh, initial customer feedback has been extremely positive.

FORTA currently offers a variety of different dispensing units, each designed to address a range of concrete applications and scenarios. Additional, the fiber dispensing units are 100% American made.

FORTA® Voyager – Bulk Fiber Dispenser

FORTA Voyager, a bulk fiber dispenser, is distinguished by its proprietary loss-in-weight system allowing for precise fiber dispensing throughout batch runs. The Voyager comes in two sizes, and both units are suitable for stationary use while the smaller one can be utilized in mobile situations.

Thanks to its ease and accuracy of operation, the problem of wasted or spilled fiber often occurring when manually dispersing, is essentially eliminated. The controlled flow of the machine also improves fiber distribution, allowing for very precise dispensing throughout an application. Inventory tracking is also enhanced with an easy-to-read display that allows for real-time fiber tracking. The system accommodates a broad range of concrete reinforcement fiber types, and can operate at a wide range of feed rates.

Job site safety is also enhanced with the Voyager, as it eliminates the need to climb stairs or ladders to introduce fibers into the concrete mix. This automated solution allows contractors to better deploy their personnel on other hands-on job site tasks.

FORTA® Rover – Volumetric Mobile Fiber Dispenser

FORTA® Rover is a fiber dispensing solution specifically designed to be mounted directly on volumetric concrete trucks. The dispenser is available in single or double bobbin units, and the motor speed can be easily regulated to achieve different fiber feed rates.

The Rover’s compact size makes it very easy to install. It is easy to load and operate and each bobbin contains 42 pounds of fiber. The Rover provides extremely accurate dispersing, and the dosing rates can be adjusted to meet specific concrete application requirements. The automatic chopping mechanism allows for better control of the fiber, assuring the precise amount and rate is achieved.


FORTA will feature its most popular reinforcing fibers at World of Concrete, each designed to deliver three-dimensional (3D) strength for tougher, more durable concrete applications. These include FORTA-FERRO®, a macro synthetic fiber, SUPER-NET® micro fibrillated fiber, and ECONO-MONO® micro monofilament fiber.

As one of the company’s most trusted and widely used products, FORTA-FERRO has been used to reinforce more than one billion feet of concrete flooring. The fiber reduces plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, improves impact strength, and increases fatigue resistance and concrete toughness. The unique fiber design of FORTA-FERRO promotes long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary/temperature crack control.

FORTA-FERRO is used with performance concrete applications where steel reinforcement reduction or replacement is the primary objective. Extensive laboratory and field testing has validated it for a variety of flatwork projects with properties that reduce or eliminate the need for reinforcing steel. John Lindh explains, “The patented two-fiber blend of FORTA-FERRO creates a high-performance concrete reinforcement system that promotes joint space extension, thanks to its tremendous reduction of shrinkage and slab curling.” In addition to floors, FORTA-FERRO is an ideal reinforcement choice for bridge decks, shotcrete, composite metal decks, overlays, pavements, and a variety of precast products.


FORTA will mark its 40th year with the introduction of a new logo and message “Stronger Lasting™,” which references the strength and durability of the company’s fibers, people, and business relationships spanning four decades. In recognition of this impressive milestone, FORTA will be hosting special employee and customer appreciation events during World of Concrete 2018.


FORTA® cordially welcomes writers, editors and publishers of the international concrete media at World of Concrete 2018, and is scheduling press appointments at this time. To schedule a meeting or interview, please contact Rebecca Hawke, Marketing Manager (T: 800.245.0306, x143, E: with the Subject “FORTA Media Request.” Drop-ins also are welcome at both booths N-2313 and O-40739.