Macro Synthetic Fibers in Concrete Placement

FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibers were chosen as a temperature shrinkage reinforcement for concrete over traditional wire mesh for a new apartment complex in downtown Morgantown, WV. FORTA-FERRO® 2 1/4″ macron synthetic fiber was used at a dosage of 4.0 lbs per cubic yard.  The project consists of over 1900 yards of concrete on 6 metal decks.

The project manager reported no mixing or finishing issues with the FORTA-FERRO® fibers and was please with the results.  He also mentioned from past experience, wire mesh is difficult to place in composite metal deck slab and the potential for injury goes up due to tripping hazards involved in labor placement of wire mesh. These issues that he mentioned can be avoided with the use of three dimensional reinforcement such as FORTA-FERRO®.  FORTA-FERRO® poses no tripping hazards and eliminates the need for proper positioning within the matrix of the concrete slab since the fibers are uniformly mixed throughout the concrete before placement.


Project Details:

Location: Morgantown, WV

General Contractor: Accelerated Construction Service

Concrete Contractor: WA Hoy Construction

Ready Mix Producer: Hoy Redi-Mix

Fiber: 2 1/4″ FORTA-FERRO®


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