Pervious Concrete VII


This blog post is a continuation of the past 2 posts on a recent pervious concrete seminar and demonstration hosted by contractor-client, The Bazella Group of Allentown, PA.  This post will discuss stamping techniques used with FERRO-GREEN® in the pervious concrete placement and demonstration.

Stamped concrete utilizes a hand-stamp texture to resemble paver stones.  The stamping is performed immediately after the placement of the plastic covering and is relatively quick.  The day after stamping reveals a paver stone relief.  The largest competition to pervious is permeable paver stones that are quite labor intensive and often fluctuate in levelness.

Even more eye catching to the stamped technique is a colored-stamped reveal.  This can be achieved by quickly adding fine sand in the impressions, surface spraying the desired color, and shop vacuuming the sand back out to provide the joint reveal.  In no case did the FERRO-GREEN® show any evidence on the treated surface.

For more information, please view the short video:
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