FORTA® is 40!

From 1978 to 2018, FORTA® has been reinforcing a variety of concrete applications safer, faster, and smarter for 40 years!

FORTA Corporation founder and owner, Mr. Rodger B. Lindh, of Grove City, Pennsylvania had a history of business success in pharmacy, food, retail, and finance with an educational background in chemistry. After years working in multiple industries, one thing that he never overlooked was the value of innovation.

In 1978, Mr. Lindh and business partner, James V. Boehm, traveled to Switzerland to investigate a new method of concrete reinforcement – synthetic fibers in a special shape and chemistry. After realizing the significance this new technology could bring to the concrete industry, Mr. Lindh seized the opportunity to pioneer the synthetic fiber industry in the United States. This fascinating new synthetic material led to the founding of FORTA Fibre Incorporated, now known as FORTA Corporation.

From a small production plant in rural Pennsylvania, FORTA Corporation has expanded into multiple divisions that are known around the world. From monofilament to fibrillated, micro to macro, FORTA became the world leader in the concrete fiber reinforcement industry and has built a family of fibers that are uniquely tailored to a variety of applications.

FORTA’s unyielding quest to innovate and develop the synthetic fiber industry – for every customer’s needs – lead to the development of a fiber for reinforcing asphalt pavement. This product, known as FORTA-FI®, creates a tougher and more durable asphalt for applications like highways, airports, residential roadways, and parking lots. After years of continued research and development, FORTA-FI® is now known as the leader in fiber reinforcement technology for asphalt.

FORTA did not stop there. The family-owned FORTA Corporation purchased a problem-solving coatings and sealers division that is now known as Arisfor, LLC. The advanced formula for each of Arisfor’s innovative products offers high performance, cost-effective, and easy to use coatings and sealer products for a variety of applications and finishes. In 2017, FORTA acquired the assets of VM Fiber Feeder, Inc., a privately owned company that manufactures fiber feeder machinery and equipment. The unification of FORTA Corporation and VM Fiber Feeder, Inc. allows FORTA to now provide customers with a complete experience, from start to finish, with its new line of fiber dispensers to complement its line of synthetic fibers

FORTA Corporation is not just a producer, but an innovator. From the lab to the job site, FORTA experts are there to support owners, engineers, and contractors. FORTA’s synthetic fiber experts – armed with over 100 years of combined industry experience – understand the problems customers face and work to be the solution. Our customer relationships don’t end at a purchase – they continue with a partnership. FORTA Corporation continues to grow and develop with the customer in mind, just as they have done since 1978.