Here’s the key to ditching the steel

The costs associated with steel are skyrocketing. Not to mention the use of traditional steel reinforcements in slab-on-ground and slab-on-deck applications can come with a list of safety issues. This leaves contractors looking for more efficient means of concrete reinforcement.

Use of a synthetic fiber reinforcement allows for significant safety improvements, while also decreasing labor and total project costs.  The use of certain macro synthetic fibers can give your finished product:

  • Increased durability and impact resistance
  • Reduced plastic and hardened shrinkage/cracking
  • Increased fatigue resistance
  • Extended joint spacing

White Deer Concrete, in business since 2009, specializes in commercial flatwork and foundations.  Over the years they have used most forms of temperature-shrinkage concrete. However, they prefer to have FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fiber specified in every project possible.

Fiber vs. Steel

Most recently, White Deer Concrete utilized fiber reinforcement in a large exterior slab.  Initially specified with WWF 6×6, Merv Soltzfus owner of White Deer Concrete was able to work with FORTA Engineers to replace the cumbersome and expensive steel reinforcement. He states, “We’ve had a lot of good results. With obviously less labor than dealing with steel.” This project was able to finish on time, in part due to the use of fiber reinforcement during an unpredictable Pennsylvania spring.

Taking advantage of start-to-finish design and pour assistance offered by FORTA Experts is key for new users. Merv says “using fibers can have challenges but learning how to work with it and having a good relationship with the ready-mix supplier – I feel is very important.” 

Initial concerns of fiber replacing steel reinforcements were eliminated after using FORTA-FERRO.  It is a “very good working fiber, and I like the finish of it,” says Merv. Sales Representative Andy Riddle advises first time users, “Don’t fear the finish. Our fiber distribution in the mix and our finish are better than any other fiber on the market.”  Working with a fiber expert will save your project both time and valuable resources.  The ability to ditch the steel and create a better end product benefits both contractors and owners.

How can you #DitchtheSteel?

To learn more about how macro synthetic fibers can make your next project Stronger Lasting® review ACI Committee 544 or contact FORTA directly.