Make the Switch to Macro Synthetic Fiber

 Make the Switch to Macro Synthetic Fiber

Many companies are reinforcing their concrete projects with FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibers.  FORTA-FERRO® was developed in the late 90’s as an alternate to traditional steel.  FORTA-FERRO® has become a leading macro synthetic fiber for secondary reinforcement for concrete because of its superior mixing and finishing characteristics.

Traditional wire mesh has been used since the early 1900’s as a way to hold broken pieces of concrete together.  Due to the difficulties of placing wire mesh in the top-third of the concrete cross section, the wire mesh does not get the chance to aid in holding broken pieces of concrete together.   Other potential issues with using labor intensive wire mesh are: delivery, storage, corrosion and cost.

The wire reinforcement institute states, “Only when the reinforcing steel is properly selected, placed and supported can its use be recommended and it’s cost warranted.

FORTA-FERRO® is a three dimensional reinforcement fiber that eliminates the need for concern if steel reinforcement is placed in the proper location.  FORTA-FERRO® is chemically inert, so it will not corrode like steel.  In most instances macro synthetic fibers will also save time and labor costs versus steel.

Let FORTA® Corporation show you how FORTA-FERRO® can be a better alternative for your next concrete pavement or interior concrete slab project.  FORTA® offers engineering services, as well as a seasoned and knowledgeable field team nationwide to assist you.

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