FORTA Donates fiber for Bowling Ball Competition

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Bowling Ball Competition 2020

FORTA has once again donated fibers to engineering students across the country participating in this year’s Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Bowling Ball Competition.  The competition will take place on Sunday, March 29th, 2020 during the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention in Rosemont/Chicago, IL.

The FRC Bowling Ball Competition challenges students to demonstrate the behavior of fiber reinforcement within concrete to gain experience in forming and fabricating a fiber-reinforced element.  Students compete in two separate competitions for prizes: bowling ball design and bowling ball analysis.  Technical Engineer Bev Heasley describes the competition.

“The FRC Bowling Ball Competition provides students with a practical, fun way to gain experience with fiber-reinforced concrete, as well as meeting deadlines and following specifications. Aside from the fact that the students have to figure out how to make a round ball that can roll a distance in a straight line and knock down pins, they also have to tackle aspects of real-world engineering, from problem solving to project management, to performance predictions and meeting customer expectations.”

This year’s convention is host to approximately 2,000 attendees including engineers, architects, contractors, students, educators, manufacturers, and material representatives.  ACI currently has over 17,000 student members with 240 student chapters worldwide.