FORTA Corporation Acquires the Assets of VM Fiber Feeder, Inc.

FORTA Corporation recently acquired the assets of VM Fiber Feeder, Inc., a privately owned manufacturing entity, on June 22, 2017.  In conjunction with its newly acquired technology, FORTA® will move forward as the leader in synthetic fiber reinforcement that will now include a focus on its patented fiber dispenser product line.

VM Fiber Feeder, Inc. was established as a privately owned company in 2003 out of Sarasota, Florida, with the goal to produce cost effective and user-friendly fiber feeders and fiber for the Volumetric Concrete market.  VM quickly expanded by adding additional dispensers for the dispersion of synthetic fibers for both the asphalt and concrete industries. VM also offered a unique line of both roving and pre-cut fibers that work in conjunction with the feeders. The VM Fiber Feeder name has also become synonymous among mobile “on-demand” fiber applications for concrete.  VM’s bulk dispensers add pre-chopped fibers to ready mix, precast, and, shotcrete applications. The most popular asphalt applications include slurry seal and micro surfacing.

The unification of FORTA Corporation and VM Fiber Feeder, Inc. brings both variety and innovation to FORTA. FORTA Corporation joins a new era of modernization and development of asphalt and concrete fiber distribution technology that will bring a higher level of cost saving solutions, safety improvements, and satisfaction to the industry customer base. FORTA is happy to now be able to provide its customers with a complete experience, from start to finish, with its new line of fiber dispensers to compliment its line of synthetic fibers and will continue to research, innovate, and develop new and improved technology now and into the future.

About FORTA Corporation: FORTA Corporation is more than just a producer, but a researcher, innovator, and developer of technology that provides solutions to consumer problems. From the lab to the job site, FORTA is involved every step of the way. FORTA has been a leader in concrete fiber reinforcement industry since the company’s beginning in 1978, and has also pioneered the asphalt fiber reinforcement industry.