Zion Mennonite Church Parking Lot

Archbold, OH - July 2014

Project Description

Zion Mennonite Church was in need of replacing a worn out asphalt parking lot. Representatives from the church took bids on both asphalt and concrete. As a result, the concrete bid came back at a savings of $5,000.00. They also cited life cycle cost advantages and minimal maintenance as other reasons to go with the concrete option. The 39,000 sq.ft. parking lot was milled and then a 4″ unbonded concrete overlay was placed using 3.0 lbs. / cu. yd. of FORTA-FERRO®. A broom finish was then applied, resulting in minimal fiber exposure on the surface. Control Joints were cut 6′ on center. FORTA-FERRO® was used to not only assist with temp/shrinkage cracking, but to add a level of toughness and durability to the concrete.

Key Points:

  • Superior Finish
  • Extreme Durability
  • Mixing

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