Tusher Diversion Dam

Green River, UT - April 2016

Project Description

This major river in Green River, Utah is used for irrigation and low head hydro power production. The Department of Natural Resources needed this diversion dam to be stable and decided to reinforce with FORTA-FERRO®. The decision came due to the difficulty of binding rip rap in high-pressure areas. This problem is something traditional steel reinforcement cannot fix. FORTA-FERRO®’s ability to control temperature and shrinkage cracking made it an invaluable asset. FORTA-FERRO® has a reputation of increasing durability which was also a key selling point. The Department of Natural Resources saw the fiber as a solution in aiding the long-term production of this important dam.

Key Points:

  • Superior Durability
  • Reduced Shrinkage
  • Reduced Temperature Cracking

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