Fulfillment Center – Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI - March 2019

Project Description

This large shipping center specified fibers to reinforce their warehouse floors because of their proven performances.  FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers were used in a dosage of 7.5 lb/cu yd in the composite metal decks of this warehouse. Engineers chose FORTA-FERRO fibers instead of steel reinforcements to provide additional flatness to the floors. The fibers will also reduce cracks and the size of cracks in the slab. The fewer and smaller the cracks, the more durable and longer-lasting the floor is. The company chose FORTA-FERRO fibers for reinforcement because their business is dependent on no delays or breakdowns on the floor.

Key Points

  • Superior Finish
  • Increased Durability
  • Reduced Cracking

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