Residential Jointless Driveway

Grove City, PA - September 2011

Project Description

For this jointless concrete driveway slab, FORTA-FERRO® was chosen in order to reduce cracking and increase the overall durability of the project. FORTA-FERRO® showed superior mixing, placing, and finishing. The owner was extremely pleased with the outcome and overall success of the project.


In 2017, the project was reevaluated for performance and overall success over the long period of time since the initial construction. After those 6 years, the driveway showed no visual cracking making it very clear that FORTA-FERRO® continues to maintain the reputation of being the best mixing, finishing and performing fiber in the U.S. concrete industry.

Key Points:

  • Superior Finish
  • Extreme Durability
  • Reduced Cracking

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