Pheasant Point Apartments – Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA - 2018

Project Description

The senior citizen apartment building in Pheasant Point Apartments located in Lancaster, PA is the first one in this complex to use fiber reinforcement in the building. The owners chose to replace the originally specified steel in both the slab-on-ground and topping slab with FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers. The entire project was 395 cu yd and used a fiber dosage of 4.0 lb/cu yd. In researching and choosing FORTA-FERRO fiber for this job, the contractor was very happy with the low number of cracks in other projects FORTA has done and the small width of the cracks when they did occur. This was the first project that this construction company used macro fiber and they were very excited about the performance.

Key Points:

  • Reduced Shrinkage Cracking
  • Saved Time
  • Cost Savings

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