MKC Hangar

Kansas City, MO - 2015

Project Description

President of DYE Aviation, Mercer Dye, has been using FORTA-FERRO® for many years to replace steel rebar. In this particular project, FORTA- FERRO® was used to replace two mats of #4 rebar at 12” OCEW. To achieve a glossy finish, a MVR (Moisture Vapor Reducer) was used along with an epoxy coating. In order to get the best finish possible, the floor was shot blasted to make sure the surface was clean and free of any sealers that would hinder the MVR from “soaking the surface”. FORTA-FERRO® allowed for this hangar to have reduced cracking and a durable surface with a sleek finish.

Key Points:

  • Superior Finish
  • Extreme Durability
  • Reduced Cracking

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