Major American Airline – Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ - September 2019

Project Description

A major American airline rehabbed one of its existing buildings that is used as the catering operations base for the airline. FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers were used to reinforce the warehouse floor using a fiber dosage of 7.0 lb/cu yd in this 3,000 yd project. Originally steel was chosen to be used as the reinforcement, but contractors were having trouble obtaining backordered steel. Switching to fibers allowed this project to stay on its construction schedule without any additional delays while increasing the durability of the concrete. This was the first time any of the participants had used FORTA-FERRO, and they were all very impressed with how it mixed and finished.

Key Points

  • Superior Finish
  • Increased Durability
  • Reduced Construction Time

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