Ka Malanai Condominiums – Kailua, HI

Kailua, HI - 2014

Project Description

Ka Malanai Condominiums, in Kailua, HI, used a non-structural concrete topping, over a waterproof membrane, both on the lanais of the living quarters and on common area corridors. Originally the concrete mix design had a w/c ratio of .63 and was reinforced with a 3/4” micro synthetic fiber at a dosage of 1 lb/ cu yd. After control joints were cut into the concrete, shrinkage cracking occurred in excess, resulting in an unattractive appearance. To remedy this problem, FORTA-FERRO fibers were chosen. Tests were performed using a mix design with a w/c ratio of .50 and used 2 ¼” FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers at a dosage of 5 lb/ cu yd. Using FORTA-FERRO to reinforce the overlay resulted in a decorative concrete topping that has maintained the same appearance as the beginning of construction. The owners have seen less shrinkage cracking, more durability, and a superior finish.

Key Points

  • Reduced Shrinkage Cracking
  • Increased Durability
  • Superior Finish

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