Glass Container Manufacturing Facility – Valdosta, FL

Valdosta, GA - 2020


The General Contractor and Concrete Finisher submitted a FORTA-FERRO conversion proposal to replace the specified steel fiber design for the slab-on-ground application of the glass container manufacturing facility in Valdosta, GA. The engineer approved the FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fiber design with a dosage of 7.5 lb/cu yd. By using non-corrosive synthetic fibers, surface craters from steel fibers and raveling from early entry saw cutting were prevented. Using FORTA-FERRO instead of steel fibers were easier and safer to add to the ready-mix trucks since FORTA bags can be added directly into the concrete with less wear on the mixer drums. The ready mixer, contractors, and owner all agree that FORTA-FERRO can replace steel fibers period.

Key Points

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Prevent Joint Raveling

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