GALOT Motorsports Dragstrip

Benson, NC - April 2014

Project Description

For this high-speed racing application, slab flatness is paramount, and concrete joints present unique issues, especially with the slab curling that commonly occurs at those joints. To minimize resulting joints and maximize slab flatness, the contractor turned to high volume macro synthetic fibers as a better performing and cost-effective alternative to conventional reinforcing steel. FORTA-FERRO® 2-¼” long fiber was chosen and allowed for two 30 ft. wide x 840 ft. long track lanes to be placed without joints, based on the premise that fiber-reinforced cracks that do not curl are much preferred to a multitude of joints that do. The 8 in. thick concrete lanes were placed with 2 laser-guided screeds and rider-pan machine finished, allowing for a superior surface finish, even at the high FORTA-FERRO® fiber dosage. The fiber-reinforced cracks were quickly and easily filled with suitable joint-fi ll material, and have provided an extremely flat, fast, and non-curled racing surface ever since.

Key Points:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Extreme Durability
  • Extended Joints

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