Distribution Center Parking Lot

Springfield, OH - 2017

Project Description

A large national grocery/retail chain chose FORTA-FERRO® to reinforce two slab-on-ground applications for their large distribution center parking lot. The previous concrete parking lot was deteriorating and required replacement. The main customer parking was replaced with a 10” pavement reinforced with 7.5 lbs. / cu. yd. of FORTA-FERRO®. The employee parking lot was replaced with a 6” thick slab reinforced with 5.0 lbs. / cu. yd of FORTA-FERRO®. Overall, the newly poured and finished concrete parking lots benefited from FORTA-FERRO®’s ability to mix evenly, reduce cracking, and provide superior durability.

Key Points

  • Superior Mixing
  • Superior Finish
  • Extreme Durability
  • Reduced Cracking

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