Continental Tires – Providence, RI

Sumter, SC - 2018

Project Description

One of our customers became interested in FORTA-FERRO when he heard the main office of the company he works for had been using our fibers. He wanted to see how it mixed and finished due to the success the other location had using fibers in their projects. He specified FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers in a slab-on-ground elevator foundation to evaluate their performance. The project was 33 cu yd and the contractor used 132 lb of FORTA-FERRO fibers in this job. This was also a demonstration to show the contractor, engineer, and Continental Tires the advantages of using FORTA-FERRO fibers in future projects. In addition to FORTA-FERRO mixing and finishing well, the project was cost efficient. Eliminating the steel saved the contractor both time and labor which in turn reduced the overall project cost.

Key Points:

  • Easy to Mix
  • Excellent Finish
  • Cost Savings

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