Construction Equipment Manufacture – Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH - September 2019

Project Description

The leading manufacturer for construction and mining equipment used FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers to reinforce a new pavement slab in the loading area of their facility in Columbus, OH. For this 3,500 yd project, a dosage of 8.0 lb/cu yd was used. Fibers were specified, and FORTA was able to switch the original spec from a competing fiber to FORTA-FERRO once their engineers saw the ability to mix uniformly without balling. Using fibers was a safety factor and time saver since contractors did not have to store or work with wire mesh. FORTA-FERRO added a level of toughness, durability, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance to the concrete slabs.

Key Points

  • Superior Finish
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Increase Durability

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