Commercial Warehouse – Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH - September 2019

Project Description

FORTA EXTEND-PRO was used, in conjunction with a fiber dosage of 5.0 lb/cu yd of FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers, to extend the finishing time on a 100,000 sq ft commercial warehouse in Cincinnati, OH. On a large job site especially, consistency from concrete truck to concrete truck can sometimes be an issue. This can cause finish inconsistency on the surface of the concrete. Using EXTEND-PRO during the steel trowel finishing phase of the project, while working it into the wet concrete, aids in reducing these inconsistencies. This creates a more uniform final finished concrete slab. EXTEND-PRO gave contractors the ability to gain crucial working time and enhance the concrete surface strength once fully cured.

Key Points

  • Increase Surface Strength
  • Extend Worktime
  • Superior Finish

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