Building Supply Company – Houston, TX

Houston, TX - 2021


This large, national building supply company chose TCPavements, reinforced with FORTA-FERRO®, for the construction of their new 2.7 Million square foot industrial distribution center in Houston, Texas. The owners chose to use this TCPavement system due to its sustainability, reduced cost, and increased service life. This project used 5.5” thick concrete, reinforced with 4.0 lb/cu yd of FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers, and has a 6ft x 6ft jointing pattern. The TCPavement design significantly reduces the amount of curl and prevents both edges of the panel from being loaded simultaneously. This optimized design allows for significant reduction in thickness all while providing owners with a durable, fiber reinforced concrete pavement that requires minimal maintenance. Owners saved more than $2.4 Million on this project and are looking forward to using TCPavement, reinforced with FORTA-FERRO for future projects.

Key Points

  • Increases Service Life
  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Minimizes Curl & Stresses
  • Eliminates Dowels & Rebar

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