Brookshire Park

Thornton, CO - 2017

Project Description

FORTA-FERRO® was used to reinforce a 30,000 sq. ft. bonded concrete overlay in Brookshire Park. The 3” thick fiber reinforced concrete overlay was placed over an existing asphalt parking lot without tearing it out. The previous asphalt pavement was too level and did not support sloping for proper drainage. The City of Thornton used a 3D laser screed to place the concrete for a more accurate slope. The FORTA-FERRO® reinforced concrete was easily mixed, placed, and sloped in order to help fix the drainage issues. The project was also completed very quickly because there was no need to remove and replace curbing, subgrade, and existing asphalt.

Key Points

  • Reduced Cracking
  • Cost Effective
  • Mixed and Placed Easily
  • Speed of Construction

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