Attaway Waste Services

Greensboro, GA - August 2007

Project Description

The elimination of the normal steel was achieved for this project by using 7.5 lbs. / cu. yd. of the 2-1/4″ long FORTA-FERRO®, and also the elimination of the normal sawcut-joints over the 80 ft. x 75 ft. expanse. Fowler Flemister supplied 185 cubic yards of FORTA-FERRO® reinforced concrete for the new project, and was able to tailgate the delivery without a pumping operation that would have been necessary with steel-mat reinforcemen. The slab has performed extremely well under regular use, which was the primary goal of owner Attaway Waste Services, however they were also rewarded with additional significant cost savings as a result of the fiber alternative. Areas of savings included fiber vs. steel material costs, steel placement labor costs, elimination of a concrete pump cost, and elimination of joint placement and joint filler. Most importantly to the project owner, this joint-free slab will be much more durable than their previous steel-reinforced slabs, and both initial cost and life-cycle cost will be greatly reduced as a result of the FORTA-FERRO® HVSF technology.

Key Points:

  • Reduced Joints
  • Extreme Durability
  • Cost Savings

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