Minneapolis, MN - 2019

Project Description

MnDOT specified fibers be used in 11 bridges being done on I-35W and I-94 from downtown to crosstown in Minneapolis, MN. This is a lengthy project which includes installing new non-fiber concrete on a 50-year old freeway, new ramp access from I-35W south to Lake St. and from I-35W north to 28th St.,and building MnPASS lanes near the downtown bus station at Lake St. for better transit service. In addition, the new pedestrian bridges will be wider and more accessible, congestion will be reduced, and traffic mobility will be increased. FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers were chosen to be used at a dosage of 5.0 lb/cu yd. The concrete was provided by Aggregate Industries and placed by LUNDA Construction Co. For this project, the fibers are required to be a combination blend of micro and macro non-metallic fibers to provide crack control and improve the long-term performance of the bridge decks. The micro fibers are used for controlling the plastic shrinkage cracking, and the macro fibers are used to provide increased residual flexural strength throughout the concrete.


4 years later, this project remains in great condition due to the characteristics and benefits of FORTA reinforcement fibers.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Bridge Deck
  • Fiber Reinforcement: FORTA-FERRO® 2-¼”
  • Dosage: 5.0 lb/cu yd

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