Goldenair® Liquid Foaming Agent


FORTA GoldenAir® Flowable Fill concrete mixes may be formulated to a wide range of flow, strength, and weight characteristics.

Rather than searching for soil of a specific density, trucking it to the job site, trying to artificially control the water content, compacting with equipment, and facing quality control problems, simply fill the excavated void and all its small fissures completely with easy-to-use FORTA GoldenAir flowable fill.

The air cell structure of FORTA GoldenAir is a very stable, well-distributed air void system that moves like a pile of lubricated ball bearings sliding one over the other, eliminating the need for excess water to produce a very fluid Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM). When mixed in the ready mix truck, FORTA GoldenAir foaming agent consistently creates a 20-24% volume increase due to the air cell system, mix after mix, on project after project.


  • Fast
  • Economical
  • Level Seeking
  • Self-Compacting
  • Fills Any Opening
  • Shrink Resistant
  • Easy to Excavate
  • Non-Conductive
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Sound Deadening


  • Utility Trenches
  • Building Excavations
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Road Base
  • Sub-Base Stabilization
  • Sink-Hole Fills
  • Abandoned Mine Fills
  • ICF Walls
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Is GoldenAir® meant for normal-strength concrete?

No. GoldenAir® is a detergent-like foaming agent that is designed to add substantial air contents to low-strength cementitious mixes used for excavatable backfill applications.

How does GoldenAir® differ from conventional air-entraining concrete admixtures

GoldenAir® bubbles are typically larger and more stable during mixing than conventional A/E admixtures. GoldenAir® also produces a high volume of air (20% – 30%) with only 3 ounces needed per finished cubic yard of CLSM (Controlled Low Strength Material).

What makes GoldenAir® special?

Unlike conventional straight cement and fly-ash mixes, the GoldenAir® flowable-fill mix has very little shrinkage and doesn’t settle, eliminating the need to add a topping before the surface treatment (if any) is applied. GoldenAir® CLSM doesn’t continue to gain strength like conventional mixes, assuring that the backfill can be easily excavated if needed.

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