Residential Garage Floor – Grove City, PA

Grove City, PA - August 2019

Project Description

A residential garage used FORTA-FERRO macro synthetic fibers at a dosage of 5.0 lb/cu yd, along with EXTEND-PRO and CURE-PRO, two new products introduced by FORTA. By using FORTA-FERRO and eliminating steel reinforcements, the contractor was able to prep the sight quicker and more efficiently the morning of the pour. There were no tripping hazards as well with the use of FORTA-FERRO, which can be a concern when using wire mesh and rebar. EXTEND-PRO, a finishing aid, was sprayed on the concrete before bull floating and again before the use of the walk-behind trowel machine. Using EXTEND-PRO gave the contractor more time to finish the concrete without the concern of “losing” the slab on this hot and windy day. After the final finish of the slab, FORTA CURE-PRO was used to cure & seal the slab. Two coats were applied over a two-hour time frame to ensure proper coverage and application. This was the contractor’s first time using all three FORTA products and was very pleased with the end results.

Key Ponts

  • Safer Work Environment
  • More Efficient
  • Superior Finish

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