Finishing Aid



FORTA’s EXTEND-PRO gives concrete contractors the ability to gain crucial working time when finishing concrete; particularly in hotter, drier environments or in drier mix situations. This modified colloidal silica product was developed to give more workable time on wet concrete during the floating and troweling stages.  The silica reacts during the hydration of the concrete to produce more cementitious material (CSH – calcium silica hydroxide) giving higher surface performance once cured.


All concrete surfaces where additional finishing time would be desired during floating and troweling. Easy to apply water-based formula can be applied by standard pump or powered spray equipment, then worked in by hand or mechanical means.

• New concrete
• Decorative concrete
• Concrete that will receive a covering
• Polished concrete
• Institutional facilities
• Retail showrooms
• Industrial floor slabs


• Gives additional finishing time on wet concrete without hurting the end cured concrete
• Provides performance concrete characteristics when applied early – during the first bull float or mechanical trowel stage – and worked thoroughly into the surface matrix of the concrete
• Water-based with zero VOCs
• Easy to clean up, use only water
• Improves durability of the end cured concrete
• Increases surface abrasion resistance and decreases permeability of concrete
• Will not change or effect color or end cure color
• Reduces calcium hydroxide migration
• Reduces potential for alkali silica reaction
• Reduces potential for slab curling

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