Expectations of Residential Projects

How can everyone’s expectations be met? FORTA has the answer.

When installing a residential flooring project, there are many expectations, from many sources. The homeowner wants it to last as long as possible, while being aesthetically pleasing. Also, the contractor wants the products to be easy to use and to be able to stay on schedule. Environment, products, and experience often host its own array of problems. This “perfect storm” offers unique challenges, with one domino having the ability to derail any project.

The homeowner can rest easy.

They know that their concrete is reinforced with industry standard-setting products. Using FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic reinforcement fiber yields STRONGER LASTING™ concrete with additional years of proven performance. The homeowner knows that their concrete has been cured and sealed using CURE-PRO,™ which will protect their project against weathering, traffic, and de-icing salts.

The contractor can breathe easy.

They can offer a premium product that in return creates a reputation of excellence. The contractor can be confident knowing that they used the best mixing and finishing fiber in the industry, leaving their customer with a beautiful project that will last decades.  They can also create a safer work environment by replacing wire mesh or rebar while increasing productivity. The contractor knows that utilizing EXTEND-PRO™ finishing aid accounts for obstacles such as sweltering heat and windy conditions. They know that it can counteract the ramifications of one domino falling out of place.

FORTA offers solutions.

The FORTA Family of products can solve a multitude of problems for everyone involved in a concrete project. It’s one thing to say that our fibers can reinforce your concrete project, it’s another to actually prove it. FORTA takes pride in its research, development and testing that yield unmatched and proven results time and time again. Our products offer exceptional strength, durability, and surface finish, that performs second to none.

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